For well over a decade Nursing Review has been keeping its finger on the pulse of nursing in New Zealand.

Nursing Review, the independent multimedia platform for New Zealand’s nurses, has been published by NZME. Educational Media since 2001. Five print editions of Nursing Review are published each year featuring articles on a range of themes of special interest to nurses as well as news, opinions, research and a well-regarded professional development article and learning activity each edition. The popular print editions are delivered to our subscribers as well as a copy going to every hospital ward and general practice in the country.

Along with print news and online news, Nursing Review continues to cut through jargon and politics to provide thoroughly researched, succinct, and always readable articles on themes that matter to all nurses. These are updated regularly on our website.

What you get:

  • A full colour A4 magazine with glossy cover
  • Circulation of 5,100 copies per issue
  • Special focus theme each edition
  • Nursing stories from across the spectrum in print and on our website
  • RRR: our professional development learning activity
  • Regular online news feed and email alerts
  • Regular social media updates.


Nursing Review’s regular professional development activity 
– RRR (Reading, Reflection and application in Reality)

The peer-reviewed RRR article and structured learning activity offers nurses an informative and readily accessible way to help meet their continuing competency requirements.

The attractive four-page article and learning activity is positioned as a pull-out centrefold in the magazine so nurses can read, complete, and file the verified RRR activity in their learning portfolios. Subscribers can also download a PDF of the article and activity from our website.

Each activity is linked to the Nursing Council competencies and is equivalent to one hour of professional development towards the requirement of 60 hours of professional development in three years.

In every issue

Nurse profile – Q&A

We profile a personality in health, in Q&A format, covering their background, training and work history – and also offer some of their personal insights.

A day in the life of…

A look at a busy day in the working world of a healthcare professional, from triage to palliative care.

People, Practice and Policy 

Articles on best practice, research, profiles and policy development in five broad areas: primary care, secondary care, mental health, management/education/ leadership and aged care. Each edition will have one to four pages covering these areas depending on the timing of conferences, industry reports, etc.


Opinions from leading industry figures and columns.

Evidence-based practice

We publish a regular Critically Appraised Topic (CAT) examining the latest research findings on a clinical practice issue from infection control to hospital discharge and smartphone apps to quitting smoking.

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