The monthly Focus section of Education Gazette provides an excellent vehicle for teachers, educators, researchers and trainers to discuss issues relevant to early childhood and school education. In addition, training providers can use Focus to inform educators about their courses and opportunities for professional development. Focus is published fortnightly throughout November–December.

Professional Development

Teachers – from early childhood centres to secondary schools – know that professional development lies at the heart of education. They need to access PD information: from one-off short courses to postgraduate qualifications to whole-school transformations. The Gazette PD Focus helps schools, centres and teachers to identify and select the solutions they require.

Curriculum Support

Whether it is the fundamentals like maths, science, and English, or more specialised subjects, the curriculum is the core of education. This Focus covers everything to do with the delivery of curriculum subjects in the classroom. Previous Curriculum Support Focuses have explored maths and sciences, the arts, languages and literacy, and social sciences, but any curriculum-specific resource could be covered. From useful websites, courses, and conferences to classroom resources and case studies, the Curriculum Support Focus is the essential support to good classroom practice.

Health and Wellbeing

With our children’s increasingly sedentary lifestyles, physical fitness, sport, and nutrition are very important. The Gazette Health and Wellbeing Focus has all the information teachers and principals need to run informed, relevant programmes in schools and early childhood centres. This Focus also covers the latest children’s health trends, making it an invaluable tool to reach health-conscious educators.

School Support and Procurement

This useful Focus presents your company, products and services in all non-curriculum areas essential to keep a school running. Student management systems, accounting systems, office products, cleaning products and services, courses for support staff, furniture for staff and students from filing cabinets to desks – any product or service that supports schools in their day-to-day function. Your presence in this Focus helps boards, support staff and decision makers from early childhood to senior school select the solutions they need.

Early Childhood

Early childhood education centres (ECEs) are children’s first steps into formal education. This Gazette Focus examines the issues facing this integral part of our education system, covering everything ECE-related, from learning resources, ICT, e-learning, procurement, and professional development, through to student behaviour and teaching models. Don’t miss the opportunity to reach over 4,000 early childhood centres.